Success Stories

Managed IT Services Company Adopts Hybrid Work Model

As part of adopting a hybrid work model, Xantrion needed to identify a secure, reliable, and user-friendly online collaboration tool to enable our team to efficiently engage with one another, service clients across multiple time zones, and ensure business continuity.

Legal Firm Upgrades Cybersecurity

Over the past few years, several top law firms have made headlines after malware or phishing attacks led to significant data breaches. Such breaches are costly – not only because of remediation expenses but the resulting, and too often lasting, damage to client trust.

International Development Foundation Avoids Malware Attack

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, phishing scams are on the rise – and such cyberattacks are only getting more sophisticated. The foundation engaged Xantrion earlier last year to provide information technology services, including managed security services.

Life Science Tools Company Scales IT Infrastructure

The existing network at this Bay Area maker of tools for the life sciences industry was an inconsistent collection of standalone services that made it hard to onboard new employees and ensure reliable, secure access to key systems and data.

Private Foundation

One of the SF Bay Area’s leading philanthropies distributes more than $40 million in grants each year to organizations that support education, the arts, civic institutions, and the Jewish community. To better support this intense level of activity, Xantrion worked in partnership with the foundation to move from paper-based processes and on-site servers to digital workflows on cloud-based services.  

Biotechnology Firm

Doubling in size in less than a year left this San Francisco Peninsula based biotechnology firm struggling to provide consistent, reliable IT services to all of its employees. Maintaining an in-house IT team wasn’t practical for a company with a laboratory and office in California, a manufacturing facility in Kansas, and a remote sales team scattered throughout the country.

Financial Management Firm

With three locations and four distinct lines of business that each have specific regulatory requirements, this 60-employee, San Francisco Bay Area based wealth management firm has technology needs more complex than many larger organizations. That’s why they have trusted Xantrion’s Managed Security service to safeguard their infrastructure for several years.

Medical Device Company

This SF Peninsula headquartered medical device manufacturer is small, but far-flung. More than a third of its employees are clinical specialists who work entirely remotely, traveling across the US and Europe.

Law Firm

A growing San Francisco based law firm was expanding its client base to include industries who are highly regulated and cybersecurity-conscious. The firm needed to minimize its own IT security risks.

Real Estate Development Firm

This SF Bay Area based non-profit real estate developer and property management firm focuses on providing affordable housing throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for seniors, low-income families, and people with special needs.

Wealth Management Firm

This SF Peninsula based wealth management firm needed reliable access to back-office systems and customer files spread across 12 remote offices in six other states.

SF Wealth Management Firm

In Silicon Valley, people who seek out wealth management services have expectations of technology that are as high as their net worth. This San Francisco Peninsula wealth management firm needed to keep up with those expectations while protecting the privacy of sensitive financial and personal information of their clients.

Investment Management Firm

With 180 clients and $800 million under management, this San Francisco Bay Area investment management firm was acutely aware that hackers would consider it an appealing target. The COO, who is also the Chief Compliance Officer, became concerned about business and security risks—and about how long it was taking the firm’s IT outsourcing provider to respond to those concerns.

Registered Investment Advisor

As this group of experienced advisors planned to launch their new San Francisco based firm, they needed an IT services partner that could not only support all their business needs, but ensure their complete compliance with all relevant regulations from their first day of operations.

Financial Advisory Firm

This San Francisco Bay Area headquartered financial advisory firm, with 15 offices nationwide, was the first of Xantrion’s clients to be chosen for a 2016 Securities and Exchange Commission cybersecurity audit.

Community Expansion Financier

A SF Bay Area non-profit that helps low-income communities finance and build community development projects, this organization needed to replace its outdated infrastructure and find reliable technology support. Xantrion repaired existing systems, migrated to more stable platforms, and eliminated security vulnerabilities.

Supportive Housing Nonprofit

This San Francisco Bay Area based supportive housing nonprofit works to end homelessness in the SF Bay Area by providing support services, employment training, and quality affordable housing at 14 buildings it owns throughout San Francisco. Persistent connectivity problems with its legacy client-server version of Microsoft Exchange meant staff members’ email periodically stopped working, even internally.

Research & Consulting Firm

This San Francisco headquartered research and consulting firm helps SF Bay Area nonprofits and government agencies plan programs and allocate resources more effectively. As it expanded from San Francisco to Davis, San Diego, and Los Angeles, it struggled to make applications function uniformly across all locations.

Real Estate Management Firm

Growth at this San Francisco based real estate management firm required the firm to improve employee access to crucial line-of-business applications while protecting company data, the firm asked Xantrion to overhaul its network.

Investment Management Firm

This San Francisco Bay Area investment management firm’s previous IT vendor was no longer delivering the same level of service. Today, the IT infrastructure is hosted almost entirely by Xantrion. The firm also enjoys the peace of mind of knowing its backups are easy to recover and compliant with all relevant regulations.

Investment Advisory Firm

Every investment firm needs to protect its clients’ sensitive financial data. When your clients are household names and multi-millionaires, you have to go several steps farther. Because this San Francisco based firm handles every aspect of its clients’ financial lives, from investments to employee management, it’s committed to absolute discretion.

Financial Planning Firm

This San Francisco Bay Area financial planning firm was increasingly concerned about the risks and inconveniences of maintaining decades of confidential client financial data onsite. Its unreliable remote access solution also prevented the staff from working efficiently on their frequent travels.

Environmental Nonprofit

This San Francisco headquartered environmental non-profit needed a network that was more reliable to use, easier to support, and less expensive to maintain.