Services Overview

Tailored IT solutions for midsized businesses

Our people, processes, and technology are aligned to support you on your journey to IT excellence and cybersecurity—every step of the way. The Xantrion IT RoadmapTM ensures the right mix of Xantrion Certified SupportTM , Xantrion Proactive MonitoringTM and Xantrion Backup and RecoveryTM provide the infrastructure and support you need for day-to-day network operations. The roadmap also determines which version of Xantrion Managed SecurityTM you need and if additional services—such as Xantrion Cloud StrategyTM —are required.

Mix and scale our IT services as your business changes and grows.

Your dedicated partner for both IT support and cybersecurity

When you choose Xantrion, you eliminate the hassle of managing two vendors—one for IT support and another for cybersecurity. We provide both services to ensure security is achieved without sacrificing productivity.

We meet or exceed the highest standards for IT support and cybersecurity. How? We don’t outsource any part of our operations, and we dedicate time for team members to analyze emerging technologies.

Our certified team ensures your IT operations meet the highest standards.


Certified Cloud Specialists


Certified IT Ops Specialists


Certified Networking Specialists


Certified Security Specialists


Microsoft Certified Specialists