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SF Wealth Management Firm

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA| Users: 25| Industry: Financial Services
The Challenge

In Silicon Valley, people who seek out wealth management services have expectations of technology that are as high as their net worth. This San Francisco Peninsula wealth management firm needed to keep up with those expectations while protecting the privacy of sensitive financial and personal information of their clients.

It wasn’t simply that the firm’s clients and employees alike are tech-savvy, demanding cutting-edge digital services that are mobile, flexible, on-demand, and tailored to their particular needs. The firm also needed best-in-breed infrastructure that would scale to support and secure those services as it grew. Finally, the firm recognized that reliable access to multiple external IT specialists was the only way to keep up with the increasing complexity of the digital tools necessary to run a financial services business.

The Solution

The firm began looking for a vendor with experience providing solutions that meet the financial services industry’s strict regulations and rigorous standards—and more than that, a vendor that could ensure around-the-clock access to the right support from the right experts at the right time, all the time. Feedback from industry peers led the firm’s COO to Xantrion, which now handles every aspect of the firm’s IT environment with a combination of its Certified Support and Managed Security offerings.

“With our previous vendor, we felt like we had to get in line and wait for the queue to open up when we had an urgent issue, but Xantrion always has someone available to help us,” the COO says. “We also didn’t want to feel like we had to ration our IT services to remain within budget, which made Xantrion’s flat fee pricing model very appealing. We knew we would get reputable, repeatable, reliable solutions because it wouldn’t be in Xantrion’s best interests for us to break down and need more of their time.”

The Outcome

Today, the firm enjoys a scalable infrastructure with consistent, standardized services regardless of which individual Xantrion employee takes their call. As a result, the firm’s employees have fewer technical issues in general, and when problems do arise, they’re resolved faster.

Xantrion’s expertise around highly regulated financial services also gives the firm confidence that its clients’ information and money are well-protected. In fact, the COO says Xantrion is so good at evolving with the marketplace that it often knows more about industry-specific technology than the firm does.

“It’s not just the services,” the COO concludes. “Xantrion’s business model is as well thought-out as its services model: they’ve gone out of their way to hire and train people who are considerate of the human side of an IT issue. They know that the way they explain the issue and absorb the end user’s frustration is just as important as actually fixing it.”