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Wealth Management Firm

Redwood City, CA • 120 users


The Challenge

Only half the firm's employees work at headquarters. The rest are spread across 12 branch offices in six other states. Regardless of location, employees need reliable access to back-office systems and customer files — something that was lacking.  The firm also struggled with an IT support team that responded to trouble tickets, but never addressed the root causes.  And when a small fire near the company's main office threatened water damage to the computer server room, the director of finance realized the firm was all too vulnerable to potential disasters. What was needed was technology and IT support that could be relied on, no matter what.


The Solution

Xantrion provided references with similar needs, a dedicated vCIO, and 24/7 IT support. They also shifted all the firm's files and applications from failing in-house computer servers to a cloud-based environment.  Last but not least, Xantrion implemented a mobility solution that allows staff to connect remotely to their hosted environment from anywhere, at any time, using almost any device.


"Xantrion alerted us when our cooling went out in the server room over the weekend. 'Without our servers, we can't service our clients. "they helped us avoid losing revenue and damaging our reputation. Xantrion has been phenomenally responsive," the CFO says. "When we have a problem, they stick with it until they solve it, which is a big difference from what we had before." 


The Outcome

Today, employees enjoy seamless access to critical files and applications from any location using their laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The Redwood City staff no longer needs to reboot computer servers repeatedly throughout the day, and the company can continue to operate even if a power outage or disaster affects the corporate headquarters. IT related problems get resolved faster now that employees can contact Xantrion directly instead of routing IT support calls through their own administration. Most importantly, the switch to cloud-based systems is entirely transparent.


"I never hear complaints about Xantrion from my employees," says the director of finance. "Nobody notices that the servers aren't in-house. They just notice that our IT network performs better. And because Xantrion checks in with me weekly about outstanding issues, I always know exactly what's going on."

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