Supplemental IT

Free your IT team to focus on innovation.

Protect your business and build the foundation for growth with a secure, resilient IT infrastructure.

Our flexible Supplemental IT™ services meet your evolving needs, filling gaps where they arise. We augment your team by taking over time-consuming tasks—like security, patching, and monitoring—so you can focus on strategic initiatives.

Our proven technology experts enhance your existing team.

Peak Cloud Performance
Our certified engineers track the performance of your cloud services, servers, and connectivity in real time—around the clock.

Risk Prevention & Mitigation
When we spot servers about to fail, issues that impair internet connectivity, or systems that aren’t protected against malware, we alert your IT staff and handle it before it affects your team. We also ensure your software has all of the latest patches. If your business is threatened by any form of data loss—such as ransomware or file corruption—our secure, highly available backups ensure disruption is minimized and work can resume as quickly as possible.

Certified Technical Support
We’re here to help—whether with a technical support issue or from an IT advisory perspective, a Xantrion specialist is there to provide a timely solution. Our team becomes an extension of yours that you can count on in a rapidly evolving space.

Our Supplemental IT Services

Proactive Security Monitoring
Protect critical systems to maximize uptime with a proactive response to potential problems.

Supplemental Support
Count on responsive 24/7 tech support that resolves most problems within 1 hour.

A flexible, tailored approach to your IT team’s needs.

Put our supplemental solutions to work.

  • We handle network and infrastructure monitoring around the clock.  Our endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions safeguard your information assets.
  • We set up backups that will not be undermined if your network is ever compromised.
  • We offer multiple data retention options.

Our expert team ensures the support you receive meets the highest standards.


Certified Cloud Specialists


Certified IT Operations Specialists


Certified Networking Specialists


Certified Security Specialists


Certified Microsoft Specialists


Project Management Specialists

“The company’s systems are now reliable, integrated and fully managed. Onboarding is fast and seamless so new employees can get down to business sooner. Our company is so well protected it hasn’t suffered any cyberattacks since implementing Xantrion’s cybersecurity service.”

—CFO, Life Sciences Tools Company

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