Supplemental IT

Experience IT as it should be—optimized.

Free your IT team to focus on innovation and strategy.

Your existing IT staff can’t pursue business-critical projects when they’re tied up with infrastructure monitoring and maintenance. Add Xantrion Supplemental IT™ and time-consuming, repetitive tasks move from your current IT team to ours, optimizing your IT resources and providing needed support.

Support for your existing IT team.

Our certified engineers track the performance of your cloud services, servers, and connectivity in real time—around the clock. Our expertise and best-of-breed technology ensure we maximize uptime and minimize threats to your business.

When we spot servers about to fail, issues that impair internet connectivity, or equipment that isn’t protected against the latest viruses, we alert your IT staff and handle it before it affects your team. We also ensure your hardware and software have all the latest patches. And if your business is threatened by any form of data loss—such as ransomware or file corruption—our secure, highly available backups ensure disruption is minimized and work can resume as quickly as possible.

See what Xantrion Supplemental IT includes:

Proactive Monitoring
Maximize system uptime and offload maintenance to specialists.

Data Backups
Prevent data loss with highly available,
secure backups.

Our expertise is at your service.

  • Count on our team of certified experts to handle network and infrastructure monitoring around the clock.
  • Safeguard your information assets with our managed patching and antivirus solutions.
  • Backups will not be undermined if your network is ever compromised.
  • Benefit from multiple data retention options.

“Xantrion alerted us when our cooling went out in the server room over the weekend. Without our servers we can’t service our clients. Xantrion Proactive Monitoring helped
us avoid losing revenue and damaging our reputation.”

—CFO, Business Services Company