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Managed IT Services Company

Location: Oakland, CA and multiple remote offices| Users: 90| Industry: Information Technology
The Challenge:

As part of adopting a hybrid work model, Xantrion needed to identify a secure, reliable, and user-friendly online collaboration tool to enable our team to efficiently engage with one another, service clients across multiple time zones, and ensure business continuity.

The Solution:

As long-time users of the cloud-based Microsoft 365 suite of tools, Microsoft Teams was a natural choice for supporting our meetings, internal communications, and team collaboration. Over time, we learned to address client specific needs more quickly by creating client-specific channels within the Microsoft Teams chat functionality.

We also created a chat channel for rapidly resolving client emergencies. This channel allows team members to quickly update each other on issue status as well as collaborate on troubleshooting ideas.

Our employees also utilize various channels to communicate with each other, and to create an ongoing log of activities and resolutions that anyone with channel access can use to get up to speed, refresh their memory or share with others.

The Outcome:

By creating client, team, and activity-specific channels in Microsoft Teams, we have been able to increase collaboration and efficiency, which in turn has led to improved customer service. Employees, regardless of location, shift or team, can easily access up-to-the-minute information and participate in relevant discussion threads to facilitate faster, higher quality client protection and technical support. Those who are working at physical client sites can easily check in with a variety of people to see if there are additional activities that require completion while on premises. And Team Leaders can monitor activities and communication to ensure issues are appropriately prioritized and resolved.

As a Microsoft Partner, and users of Microsoft 365 and Teams ourselves, we can provide our clients with a unique perspective, as well as best practices and business cases for supporting their hybrid work strategies with best-in-class, cloud-based technology.