Proactive Monitoring

Maximize Uptime.

Minimize lost revenue and productivity.

Time is money—and downtime is lost money, not to mention lost productivity, lost reputation, and maybe even lost customers. Xantrion Proactive Monitoring™ identifies small network issues before they cause you big problems.

99.99% System Uptime

Our network monitoring services keep you online.

Responsive, 24/7 monitoring of your technology ecosystem.

We track the performance of your cloud services, servers, connectivity, and network security solutions in real time to provide deep, cost-effective network intelligence. As a result, your IT staff has more time to focus on strategic tasks. Proactive Monitoring covers:

  • Installation of operating system security patches
  • Proactive warning of network issues that might disrupt your business
  • Historic trends of system performance to optimize costs and improve planning

We protect and strengthen your network, so you can count on system availability and health.

Technology and Security Strategy

Server hardware

Warranty status

Operating system services

Application-level monitoring

  • Active Directory
  • TSQL
  • Exchange
  • Internet Information Services

UPS systems

Networking devices

Network storage (SAN)

SaaS, Websites, and External Services

Availability of service

TLS/SSL certificate validity

DNS resolution

Expected page verification

Email route trip testing

Security Systems


Windows patching

Privileged access groups changes

Common account names monitoring

Outboard firewall port blocking

Our company’s systems are now reliable, integrated, and fully managed. And our company is so well protected it hasn’t suffered any cyber incidents since implementing Xantrion’s cybersecurity service.”  

—CFO, Life Sciences Tools Company

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