About Us

Peace of mind for start-ups and medium-sized businesses

Xantrion was founded in the Bay Area in 2000 to provide clients with peace of mind that we’ll take care of cybersecurity and technology so they can focus on what matters most: accomplishing their own business goals.

We aspire to be the most trusted IT services provider for growing and mid-market organizations in the U.S.

We continually refine our services to meet the evolving needs of our clients and to protect them from the rapidly changing cyber-threat landscape.

Our industry focused solutions, cyber-security expertise, and superior service have made us one of the top 200 Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) out of more than 10,000 in the United States.

Our Values

  • We believe people want to do the right thing. 
  • We care for each other, everyone deserves a sense of belonging. 
  • We all share in the success of our organization.
  • We operate with integrity. 
  • We embrace change. 

What Our Customers Say

Based on 101 reviews
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00:40 02 Feb 24
Very helpful and talked through solution
Warner MurphyWarner Murphy
14:32 01 Feb 24
Quick response and solutions. Excellent and friendly customer service team. Thank you!
Kimberly ThaiKimberly Thai
04:00 24 Jan 24
Matthew was so excellent! He quickly solved my problem which I had been majorly struggling with. He also advised on best practices and fixed a setting that was annoying the heck out of me. He did all this with humor and grace. Superior help and service!
Malcolm BurnsMalcolm Burns
19:47 19 Jan 24
fast and professional thank you all !
Jordan KienzleJordan Kienzle
21:58 21 Dec 23
Super knowledgeable and kind. It was a pleasure to work with Paola.
Amy YapAmy Yap
14:45 16 Dec 23
"Really great customer service. The Xantrion crew are super responsive and fast about resolving your IT issue"
Michelle LooyengaMichelle Looyenga
18:15 14 Nov 23
"Tyler is great to work with and solves all my issues efficiently and suggests ways to improve my experience with our hardware and connectivity."
17:04 24 Oct 23
Is hard for me to adequately convey in an online review how demoralizing and horrible working at Xantrion has become. Soon after Covid began, all the married co-owners care about is squeezing any dime of profit out of the business that they can. It started with them obtaining a 1.3 million PPP loan in 2020, and abruptly laying off dedicated and longtime employees soon after, even though they weren't supposed to do that. Their "Our Values" page on their website has become complete hypocrisy, as they continue to axe the most loyal and hardworking employees without any warning whatsoever. These owners don't care if you have just been diagnosed with cancer, have a baby on the way, need health insurance for a sick child, etc... if they can save money by dumping you while they travel the world, they will. They are running scared now that their office HQ has lost at least 40 percent of its real estate value, retirement is looming for them, and every managed service provider is in the cybersecurity business now, so they have lost their business differentiation. Their response is to try to prop up business valuation as much as possible so they can sell at a higher price and fund a flush retirement with a dubious "5 year plan" which they trot out during insufferable all hands meetings. It is nothing short of painful. Management leads as if they read it out of a book. When I do need to come into the office, the constant fecal stench in the air caused by a pierced sewer pipe (there was an attempt to fix it, but it obviously failed) is somehow fitting. I have finally gathered up enough courage to look for another job, life is just too short to be this miserable at work. If you are a new jobseeker, please look elsewhere, Xantrion has become an utter nightmare. Executive management, please stop pretending that you care about fellow employees. While I don't need to be cared about at work, it is a different matter when we have fake company "values" shoved down our throats and then are stabbed in the back and thrown out like garbage. People in the office are not as dumb as you think they are just because they are not management level. The blind loyalty is over.
KNN Public FinanceKNN Public Finance
21:34 26 Jul 23
“We are all busy and the last thing anyone wants is a computer issue. Zack was great! I really appreciated the time he took to work through the issue with being locked out of Adobe. It was not a simple fix with permissions from adobe and licensing approvals internally. In addition, my computer took forever to download the new program he was very patient and gave me breaks to check emails. He went above and beyond!”
Perry WongPerry Wong
22:51 02 Mar 23
Thanks so much to Xantrion Engineer Zack for taking care of the issue! I really appreciated his patience and the fact that he called me back shortly after the service call to make sure my issue was fully fixed and repeat some troubleshooting on the issue, all on a Friday afternoon. Great job!
Dan HillDan Hill
16:40 07 Feb 23
I have worked with various representatives of Xantrion. I can’t say enough good things about each experience. They are patient. Thorough. Make things easy to understand. I would recommend Xantrion to anyone looking for truly professional IT people.
M. D.M. D.
15:44 06 Dec 22
Xantrion was quick to respond to my paralyzing computer issue and spent significant time with me trying to resolve it. They were knowledgeable, professional, and eager to help. When it turned out that the problem required contacting the computer manufacturer for repair, they quickly contacted them and arranged for rapid and convenient service and a resultant quick and full repair. Superior service from Xantrion!
M. McGM. McG
17:16 08 Nov 22
My workplace contracts with Xantrion. When I last needed assistance, I was quickly connected with a specialist, who acted speedily and effectively to resolve my issue. The help was much appreciated! In my experience, the technicians always are professional, patient, and pleasant, which goes a long way in making a tech issue less of a headache.
19:20 02 Nov 22
"Ben was great. The issue could not be resolved over the phone, so he came by my workplace. While he could not fix my Internet issue; he explained that it was likely that the line was not functioning/being repaired. Happy to report that I am back online this morning 😊”