About Us

Peace of mind for start-ups and medium-sized businesses

Xantrion was founded in the Bay Area in 2000 to provide clients with peace of mind that we’ll take care of cybersecurity and technology so they can focus on what matters most: accomplishing their own business goals.

We aspire to be the most trusted IT services provider for growing and mid-market organizations in the U.S.

We continually refine our services to meet the evolving needs of our clients and to protect them from the rapidly changing cyber-threat landscape.

Our industry focused solutions, cyber-security expertise, and superior service have made us one of the top 200 Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) out of more than 10,000 in the United States.

Our Values

  • We believe people want to do the right thing. 
  • We care for each other, everyone deserves a sense of belonging. 
  • We all share in the success of our organization.
  • We operate with integrity. 
  • We embrace change.