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Architectural Design Firm Scales to Keep up with Growth

Location: San Francisco, CA| Users: 50| Industry: Architecture and Design
The Challenge:

A San Francisco-based architecture and design firm was experiencing rapid growth – both in terms of size and geographic presence. They needed to be able to scale their technology to keep up with their expansion, all while reducing the potential of suboptimal system performance for employees located across the country, far from their Bay Area headquarters.

The Solution:

Because Xantrion had already been providing the firm with managed IT services over the past several years, they had grown to trust Xantrion as a valued IT support partner. Therefore, they didn’t hesitate to ask when they needed to find an economical and reliable solution to their growth problem.

Xantrion recommended a hybrid server solution, where their on-site server environment would be mirrored in the Azure Cloud. This solution not only allows the firm to easily scale, but it also maintains system performance regardless of employee location, improves business continuity, and reduces the number of servers the firm needs and the size of their server room.

Four members of the Xantrion team worked on this project – 2 virtual CIOs, a Senior Project Engineer, and a Project Manager. The workflow between the architectural firm’s leadership team and Xantrion was excellent. Xantrion started the project by working with the leadership team to establish goals, objectives, priorities, and feasible action plans. They kept the project on track with regular meetings to report on project status. The subsequent deliverable hand-offs were seamless because of the up-front communication.

The Outcome:

“In an ideal world, my hope was our employees would experience this project as a non-experience, meaning, there would be no interruption in system access, no degradation of system performance, and no data loss. Xantrion met ALL of these objectives!” said the Director of Operations.

He believes these results were possible because Xantrion truly cares about the success of the work they do. “With us, they have consistently come to the table with a proactive, capable, and congenial team.  In my view, this reduces the risk of poor project performance and cost overruns. Working with Xantrion is the proverbial no-brainer,” he said.