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Real Estate Management Firm

Location: San Francisco, CA| Users: 108| Industry: Real Estate
The Challenge

This fast-growing company is headquartered in San Francisco, with regional offices as well as a small group of entirely remote employees. Its expansion plans required updating its IT infrastructure. Its Microsoft Windows workgroup model lacked central user authentication and management as well as security tools. The firm also relied heavily on ad hoc implementations of cloud services for key business applications such as file sharing and email. It needed help to build an up-to-date, business appropriate infrastructure.

The Solution

Xantrion responded by providing the firm with a consistent, enterprise-class way to share information securely. They consolidated the company’s servers, standardized naming conventions for user accounts and devices, and implemented Active Directory for central authentication that extends to cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365, Egnyte file sharing, and SalesForce. Xantrion also implemented proactive network monitoring and anti-virus protection. Finally, Xantrion upgraded the firm’s wireless network for secure, reliable connectivity in all three of its offices.

The Outcome

Today, the firm’s employees only need one login to access all their data and applications securely from any location, which also makes it easy to add employees to the network when they join the company, and revoke access when they leave. Implementing Microsoft Office 365 has given the firm an enterprise-appropriate suite of tools that enable collaboration while controlling licensing fees. Reconfiguring Egnyte to work with Active Directory and local storage appliances has made file-sharing faster and easier for both office-based and remote users. Finally, with Xantrion Certified Support, the firm knows its network will continue to function seamlessly as it grows.