Backup and Recovery

Don’t let a disaster derail your business.

Be prepared.

Natural disasters, ransomware, or corrupted files—anything that disrupts your operation can derail your business. Xantrion Backup and Recovery™ provides data backup and disaster recovery services that safeguard your information and systems. You can relax, you’re prepared.

Prevent downtime and get back online with Xantrion

50-70% of ransomware victims in the US are small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). (Source: Bank Info Security)

The average cost of downtime for ransomware is $274,200 (Source: Datto)

4 in 5 recover from ransomware within 24 hours, with backup and recovery services.(Source: Datto)

“It’s all about the peace of mind of knowing that we have a plan in place for any emergency.”

—CCO, Wealth Management Firm

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