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The Impact of Working From Home

As many companies maintain their hybrid work policies, smart businesses are realizing that moving as much as of their information technology as possible to the cloud allows their employees to operate as effectively at home as they do in the office. You can make this transition easily with Microsoft 365, which includes products such as Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Office. This all-in-one solution provides a cost-effective way to keep your data and devices secure, and your employees productive and working together in a safe online collaboration environment.

Why are companies maintaining hybrid work policies?

There is little mystery that the need to attract and retain employees is driving the adoption of remote work. With job openings near all-time highs, employers have had little choice but to accommodate workers’ demands for flexibility.


Allow for hybrid work1


Provide full-time remote work.1

And if you haven’t already, the first step to take is to implement Microsoft Teams as your communications hub to facilitate:

  • Meetings and calling
  • Chat and collaboration
  • Apps and workflow

Your ability to provide your workforce with a secure, in-office experience, from anywhere, at any time may begin with Microsoft Teams but it doesn’t stop here.

1 Source: RSM 2023 Workforce Report

What Can Your Team Achieve?

SharePoint and OneDrive can improve your company’s online collaboration

OneDrive is the Microsoft cloud-based file sharing and storage application. Accessing it is as easy as logging into from a home computer, or opening the OneDrive app on a work computer or phone. Team members can edit as well as access files from all devices and share files inside and outside your organization. They can also work together in real-time with other team members in Microsoft Office documents. Sync features ensure documents are always available from anywhere, at any time. And you can enable your team to do all this—from home office to onsite, on any device—computer, tablet or mobile, even when offline, with the knowledge that files are protected and backed up.

So why is SharePoint also needed if OneDrive is being leveraged?

While OneDrive is designed for personal file sharing and storage, SharePoint Online is designed for group content sharing and storage. Document libraries and company or team intranet sites are the primary vehicles for sharing content. The mobile version of SharePoint Online will allow team members to catch up on company or team news on–the-go. The Search, List and Follow features allow members to search for sites, files and people across the company.

There’s a lot these two applications can do to better enable your team to work more efficiently, collaboratively, and securely. Want to explore more?

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Learn how Microsoft 365 provides a cost-effective, secure online collaboration environment, including:

  • Secure, remote access anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Real-time meetings and collaboration with people inside and outside the organization
  • Cloud file storage for access and co-authoring
  • The ability to inform and engage employees and customers