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Community Expansion Financier

Location: San Francisco, CA| Users: 90| Industry: Nonprofit
The Challenge

A SF Bay Area non-profit that helps low-income communities finance and build schools needed a lot of IT support. Its aging computer network suffered from slow response times, unreliable performance, and widespread virus outbreaks due to inadequate cybersecurity. However, with just one technician to support headquarters in San Francisco, and branches in Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, DC, the organization could barely maintain its computer network—never mind upgrading it.

The Solution

Instead of hiring additional in-house IT staff, the non-profit opted to outsource IT support using Xantrion Certified Support. After a thorough assessment of the non-profit’s existing computer network, Xantrion introduced these changes:

    • Correcting the Active Directory database to ensure timely logins
    • Migrating to newer, more stable server and workstation operating systems
    • Implementing a system update process to eliminate cybersecurity vulnerabilities
    • Upgrading the email system to leverage new features that enhance cybersecurity and stability
    • Instituting computer network monitoring to proactively identify potential problems before they can disrupt workflow
    • Installing a remote access solution and wireless handheld synchronization system to improve access for remote and mobile employees
    • Assigning dedicated Xantrion engineers to provide end user support and ongoing computer network maintenance and improvements
The Outcome

Today, instead of struggling with systems that impede productivity, employees now enjoy a reliable, stable computer network that lets them work more efficiently and explore new opportunities for growth. Additionally, by paying a single fixed monthly rate for unlimited IT support, the organization has tighter control over its budget. Freed from the burden of managing its computer network, it can now focus on its core competency: providing technical and capital assistance to low-income families, neighborhoods, and communities.