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Funeral Home Platform Improves Cybersecurity

A midwestern funeral technology platform company makes end-of-life celebrations memorable, meaningful, and effortless through innovative technology solutions. The company offers a comprehensive tribute platform that combines technology and software to create a fully integrated experience for all users: families, funeral homes, and online publishers. Their mission is to transform the funeral experience with industry-leading technology that provides personalization for families plus efficiency and profitability for funeral homes and obituary hosting services.

The Challenge: Reducing Cybersecurity Risks and Insurance Costs

The company came to Xantrion to improve its cybersecurity program, so it could qualify for and reduce cybersecurity insurance costs. Company leaders also had a goal to improve compliance and threat detection by centralizing monitoring of all endpoints and unifying employee identities. By unifying identities, they would reduce their IT budget for licensing costs.

The Solution: Device Management and User Authorization

To accomplish these goals, Xantrion deployed and configured Intune for Windows devices. The device management provided by Intune allowed the company to protect and secure its resources regardless of whether or not a given endpoint is directly connected to its internal network. Intune also helps them ensure that their data is protected and that their organizational data is separated from users’ data.

The Xantrion team enrolled all the company’s devices into Intune and their employee identities were moved into Entra Active Directory. They can now manage all identities and access to applications, whether they are in the cloud or on-premises. The company’s user identity profiles were merged from multiple domains into Entra Active Directory under a unified UPN (User Principal Name), giving the IT team improved visibility and control.

Additionally, security for local admin access was tightened and enhanced. As part of the project, Xantrion ensured that only select authorized individuals would retain local admin privileges reducing the local attack surface for most users.

The Outcome: Cost Savings, Improved Onboarding

With the overhaul of their cybersecurity program, the client was able to qualify for cybersecurity insurance. Xantrion reduced the technology company’s licensing costs by auditing and removing all extra accounts and unifying their UPNs. We also assisted in providing processes and procedures that resulted in cost-savings for device management and improved their security. Xantrion reduced the manual steps needed for new workstation setups, which made it faster to onboard employees and improved the onboarding experience for new hires. By moving clients to Entra Active Directory instead of on-premises, we helped the tech company achieve savings on their infrastructure replacement costs.