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Investment Advisory Firm

Location: San Francisco, CA| Users: 100| Industry: Financial Services
The Challenge

Every investment firm needs to protect its clients’ sensitive financial data. When your clients are household names and multi-millionaires, you have to go several steps farther. Because this San Francisco based firm handles every aspect of its clients’ financial lives, from investments to employee management, it’s committed to absolute discretion. It won’t even reveal who its clients are. To deliver this airtight level of privacy, the firm needed technology to counter any possibility that human error — or deliberate theft — might release confidential client data into the wild.

The Solution

Xantrion installed a two-factor authentication solution across the entire organization for every account. Xantrion also implemented a mobile device management solution that requires all company employees to install an app on their mobile devices.

The Outcome

The investment firm is now confident that only authorized users have access to its computer network and the highly confidential details of its clients’ lives. Xantrion ensures that only employees whose devices are registered can use the firm’s systems and responds quickly to unauthorized login attempts. When employees leave, the firm simply alerts Xantrion to remove their laptops, phones, and tablets from the list of authorized devices.

Former employees who fail to remove sensitive data like mail server settings while HR watches, face losing everything on their device to a remote wipe. And they aren’t the only ones. Recently, a current employee’s iPad went missing. “When an airline employee found the iPad a few days later and returned it, it proved how well our cybersecurity solution works,” says a Xantrion vCIO. “None of the firm’s data was left. They had to set it up again from scratch.”