Tools and Tech for Empowering Hybrid Workers

The Rise of Hybrid Work

There is little mystery that the need to attract and retain employees is driving the normalization of remote work. With job openings near all-time highs, employers have had little choice but to accommodate workers’ demands for flexibility.

The ability to provide your workforce with a secure environment that mirrors an in-office experience is essential and there are many collaboration tools out there to choose from. Our preference? Microsoft, due to its One Trust security model and comprehensive tool kit consisting of more than 40 products.

¹Source: RSM 2023 Workforce Report


Provide full-time remote work.1


Allow for hybrid work1

Does your team use Microsoft tools for online collaboration?

Access helpful tips and tricks in our Microsoft Resource Center.

Important Tools for Hybrid Work

Internet Connection

  • Use a wired connection to the Internet if possible. Yes, that means digging out your old Ethernet cable and attaching your computer directly to your modem – which might mean ordering an adapter online if you have a laptop without an Ethernet jack.
  • Choose fiber, cable, or even DSL over satellite and microwave ISP technologies if that’s an option in your area.
  • Change ISPs if you have to, and select the plan with the fastest upload speed you can afford.


Make sure you have all the hardware you need to enable a seamless work experience from home. Your company may provide you with some materials, and others you could source yourself if needed.

  • Monitor, like this 24-inch HP model
  • Headset, such as a pair from Logitech
  • Webcam, such as this one that easily mounts to your screen
  • Printer, most HP printers get the job done
  • Scanner, if your printer doesn’t come with that feature, such as this Epson scanner

Hardware Recommendations

Navigating communication challenges in a hybrid work model

Identifying a secure, reliable, and user-friendly online collaboration tool is key to driving efficiency and business continuity. Read this case study on how Xantrion navigates the hybrid work model with our own team.

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