Resources for Working from Home

Working from home can be challenging, especially if you’re new to it. So if you’re still finding your way around unfamiliar tools and your work/life balance is wobbly, this page of work from home resources will help you get your footing. Here’s what you’ll find under each of the tabs below:

covers best practices for working remotely

Hardware Recommendations
offers advice on equipping your home office

Microsoft Teams
includes training for Microsoft’s integrated suite of collaboration tools

allows for personal file sharing and storage

allows for group content sharing and storage

helps you get up to speed on videoconferencing training

If we haven’t covered something you need to know, contact us. We’re here to help.

Update your Business Continuity Plan for an Extended Pandemic – Just in Case

As some workplaces reopen and others make plans to do so, we may start seeing business as usual. However, if the coronavirus re-emerges over the summer or fall due to a decrease in social distancing and other factors, organizations will need to be prepared for a return to remote work and other pandemic-induced workplace changes.

Does your Return-to-Work Strategy Work for Clients and Employees?

This past week, we turned our attention to refining our return-to-work strategy. In our opinion, our strategy not only needs to work for us as a business, it also needs to work for clients and employees. To make that happen, we reached out to both for input.

What to Consider as You Write your Return-to-Work Strategy

As we slowly attempt to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are now facing yet another challenge: developing a return-to-work strategy.  Regardless of how and when states and counties allow people to physically return to their workplaces, each company needs to decide what works best for them.

The Legal Do’s and Don’ts of Returning to Workplaces

As some jurisdictions around the country start gradually allowing businesses to reopen in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, many employers are wading into uncharted legal territory as they aim to keep the workplace and their employees safe, all while refocusing on achieving business goals.

7 Best Practices for Supporting Employees During COVID-19

During the hardest times, this quote is especially true—people always remember how you make them feel. In 10 or even 30 years, people will remember the coronavirus pandemic and how their companies made them feel during this unprecedented time.

Make Virtual Meetings a Place Where You Shine

Although virtual meetings are the new norm, we’ve all attended ones that have gone awry. By taking them as seriously and thoughtfully as physical, in-person meetings, you can use them as a way to be known as someone who’s digitally-savvy and professional—qualities your clients and colleagues will value. 

Top 10 Tips for Securing your Work at Home

Even though you are no longer working within the protection of your office, you still need to safeguard the privacy of employee, client and business partner information.  Follow our ten tips so you don’t let security slip now that you are working at home.

How to Secure Zoom Video Conferences

With all the security and privacy issues swirling around Zoom video calls, we wanted to let you know that Zoom has made a lot of changes to address these issues.  In addition, for those discussing more sensitive information, we’ve pulled together the following tips to help make your Zoom calls more secure.

Microsoft Teams or Outlook?

Now that everyone is working from home, we can’t necessarily rely on communication methods we know and love. We need to branch out and start using new tools that can help us stay connected even though we are apart. One of those new tools is Microsoft Teams.

Handling Home Office Internet Issues

As we attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19 by working from home, it’s not surprising people are running into Internet  issues. We are relying on and stressing our connectivity like never before. If the result of your issues are poor online meeting and video conferencing quality, the following are some recommendations to improve your situation.

Watch Out for These Common COVID-19 Scams

One of the less deadly effects of COVID- 19 is the explosion of online scams. COVID-related email phishing attacks have spiked 667 percent since March 1, according to Barracuda. Read this article to learn more about some of the most common scams exploiting coronavirus fears, and some measures you can take to avoid falling for them.

An Employee’s Guide for Full Remote Working

While some of you are veteran remote workers, working from home, especially on a regular basis, might be new for others.  The following are some best practices to help guide you through it. 

A Manager’s Guide for Full Remote Working

While you might have managed a couple of team members remotely to date, managing a fully remote team, while balancing the challenges of being remote yourself, might be a new experience for you. The following are some best practices to help guide you through it.