Security Essentials

You’re Not a Defenseless Target.

Expect risk management tailored to midsized businesses.

Don’t fall prey to increasingly frequent and sophisticated cyberattacks. Implement Xantrion Security Essentials,™ a streamlined, turnkey cybersecurity program that significantly reduces the likelihood and consequences of a breach.

Xantrion Security Essentials includes more than just state-of-the-art technology. It also provides security awareness training, stringent practices and standards, and a team of experts to identify and fix security vulnerabilities.

We take a risk-based approach to cybersecurity, ensuring the best available protection within a sensible budget. We’ve refined this approach over more than a decade of protecting midsized businesses from cyber threats.

90% Reduction in Phishing Entrapments

Cybersecurity Program Services


Mobile device management

Multifactor authentication

Enhanced Internet and email filtering

Security awareness training program


Automated monitoring and alerting

Respond and Recover

Incident containment

Recover and re-secure IT systems

Incident report preparation

We are penetration tested and our security practices are independently certified.

“Our law firm has cybersecurity measures that address its most significant risks cost-effectively, without excessively burdening end users.”
— Partner, Law Firm