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24 hour managed IT security, support & consulting SF Bay Area

Our mission is to provide

world-class IT services to midsize companies.

In 2000, Xantrion was founded by Anne Bisagno and Tom Snyder to bring world-class IT services to midsize organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Forward-thinking solutions, in-depth security expertise, and superior execution have made us one of the top 50 IT service providers.

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Xantrion is dedicated to doing the right thing for our clients and employees.

We honor the trust our clients place in us by providing responsive, highly competent service, and by taking responsibility for ensuring their systems are reliable, secure, and easy to use.

We trust our employees, recognize their contributions, and encourage them to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

We cultivate a workplace environment that fosters camaraderie and pride in workmanship.

Looking forward.

As technology advances, we'll continue to empower our clients with innovative IT solutions backed by seasoned support—all designed to help them succeed for years to come.

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