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Why Xantrion Uses Microsoft

When you hire Xantrion as your managed security service provider (MSSP), you’re trusting our ability to protect your business-critical infrastructure and data – and the technology partners we choose to help us do that.  

Microsoft is one of our most trusted partners. In fact, we have so much confidence in their approach to zero trust security that we’ve made Microsoft technology the foundation of our Managed Security service. Here’s why: 

1. Comprehensive offerings

With more than 40 different security products that work across clouds, platforms, endpoints, and devices, Microsoft enables us to minimize any gaps in security that might leave you vulnerable to a cyberattack or data breach. It also gives us centralized visibility into all of your users, devices, and endpoints so we can manage them holistically.   

“Microsoft’s suite of products allow small business employees to work anytime, anywhere and from any device, providing the flexibility needed to compete against more established firms. At the same time, Microsoft’s security controls cost effectively ensure that firms are protected against cyber-attacks and retain control over company data and documents even in the new hybrid world of work,” said Stephen Ferrero, Security and Compliance Manager, Xantrion Inc.

2. Industry-leading protection across zero trust pillars

To protect your business, Xantrion needs to protect every aspect of security: identity, endpoints, applications, infrastructure, and data. Microsoft lets us do that.  


We use the cornerstone of Microsoft’s identity solutions, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, to establish a single login to authenticate and authorize access to all your applications (including many non-Microsoft applications) and services, assess risk and enforce sign-on policies in real time, and block suspicious attempts to access the network.   


We use Microsoft endpoint management tools to enforce your security and compliance policies. This extends to both company-issued and personal devices, the personal and corporate applications on them, and any way users choose to connect, whether that’s within your network perimeter, over a VPN, or from the public internet. We also use Microsoft endpoint security and protection solutions to spot, analyze, and block attempted cyberattacks. 


Microsoft’s application usage and management solutions help us keep constant track of what applications people in your organization are using, whether they’re officially approved or the user’s own, and whether they’re being used in ways that increase your security and compliance risks. They allow us to detect and investigate suspicious usage so we can block or remove unauthorized applications on your servers or in the cloud.    


Even the smallest SMBs today may have systems that are on-premises, in the cloud, a combination of the two (hybrid), or spread across multiple clouds. We combine Microsoft’s firewall, protection against denial-of-service attacks, and infrastructure monitoring solutions to detect and respond to cyberattacks, detect vulnerabilities and anomalies, and keep your configurations and software up to date.  


The key to protecting data is to limit access to authorized users, let them access only the data they need, and even then, assume that their account may be compromised. Microsoft offers data governance and protection tools that apply your data access policies consistently to all data, whether it’s in the cloud, on-premises, or on endpoints. That lets us monitor activity to prevent or remediate unauthorized access. 

3. Praise from industry analysts

We know from experience how well Microsoft security solutions work. But that’s not the only reason we trust them. They’ve also been named a leader in four Gartner Magic Quadrant reports, eight Forrester Wave reports, and six IDC MarketScape reports – and when the industry’s most influential and knowledgeable analysts lavish that much recognition on a vendor and its solutions, we pay attention! 

For more technical details about why we trust Microsoft to help us deserve your trust in our Managed Security service, read more on the Microsoft Security Blog.