This Microsoft Office Feature is a Time-Saver

If you work with a lot of information, there are times when you need to copy information from one file to another. Microsoft Office is a suite of productivity tools that help you perform tasks like creating documents, entering data into spreadsheets, or designing databases. Sometimes you find it necessary to copy and paste material from one tool to another.…

Changes are Coming for Microsoft Edge Legacy and IE 11 Users

Microsoft announced that it will be phasing out support for Edge Legacy and Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) web browsers. How the company is handling each phase-out differs. Here is what you need to know about Microsoft’s plans for these two browsers.  Edge Legacy  Microsoft introduced the Edge browser when it rolled out Windows 10 in July 2015. Several years later, the…

62 Percent Of Enterprises Sacrifice Mobile Security For Speed

By Louis Columbus, Senior Contributor Enterprise & Cloud, Forbes Magazine 84% of enterprises said that their reliance on data stored in the cloud is growing, making mobile device security a strategic priority. 54% of enterprises are less confident about the security of their mobile devices than that of their other systems. 45% of enterprises said that their defenses are falling…

Microsoft Outage 10/7/2020

Microsoft is working to resolve a problem which is preventing some people from being able to log in to Office 365 services.  At present there is to estimated time of resolution and no workaround.  Microsoft is reporting progress on this page:

5 Things to Avoid While Using a Team Messenger

By Margaret Dsouza, Head HR, Flock as told to Entrepreneur Media  Team messengers like Flock, Slack and Microsoft Teams have changed the way employees communicate with each other at work. Decision making, brainstorming, and quick discussions can be completed, and time-sensitive issues can be resolved within minutes. Because of its efficiency and speed, team messengers have become an indispensable tool for communication and collaboration in…

Efficiently Manage Your Workday with Microsoft Teams

If you’re like most small business owners, you are extremely busy and clients are the lifeblood of your business. Check out the below example to learn how to use Microsoft Teams to manage your day as well as client relationships and new business efforts, anytime, anywhere, using any device. 

Microsoft Teams Quick Start Guide

New to Microsoft Teams? Download this PDF to be reminded of the basics. Teams lets you quickly pull together a meeting with people inside and outside your organization, chat and collaborate with others to drive fast and inclusive conversations, securely share and coauthor documents, and iterate on projects.

Update your Business Continuity Plan for an Extended Pandemic – Just in case

As some workplaces re–open, and others make plans to do so, we may start seeing business as usual. However, if the coronavirus re-emerges over the summer or fall due to a decrease in social distancing or other factors, organizations will need to be prepared for a return to remote work and other pandemic-induced workplace changes.  Smart organizations are making plans now—just in case—by taking the lessons they’ve…

Tips for Updating your Corporate Pandemic Response Plan

The COVID-19 outbreak presents a significant threat to employee health and business operations. As the virus spreads, the World Health Organization has said companies should prepare for a widespread pandemic. Now is the time to review and update your corporate pandemic response plan.  First, see if your existing business continuity (BC) plan has been updated to reflect business changes, such as new…