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How the Latest, Greatest Smartphones Stack Up
If you're tempted by the newest high-end smartphones, here's what CRN's reviewer has to say about them:
Shadow IT: What You Don't See Can Hurt You
Shadow IT is any technology used by employees that your IT department doesn't know about. That would never happen to us, you may say — but you're probably wrong. According to Gartner, most companies hugely underestimate how much shadow IT their employees are using. And that's a big problem, because what you don't know about, you can't secure. Here's what you need to know to start shining some light into the dark corners of your infrastructure.
Identity Management: The Key to Cloud and Mobile Security
When we talk about data security, we're basically talking about two things: making sure information and applications are available to people who are authorized to use them, and keeping everyone else away. Identity management is key to our ability to do that.
How to Protect Your Employees from Phishing
Phishing is one of the biggest security threats to Xantrion's clients right now. Small and midsize businesses are low-hanging fruit for attackers because they have more worth stealing than an individual, but fewer security safeguards than a larger business. What's more, phishing attempts are becoming more frequent and more sophisticated. The harder they are to spot, the more likely one of your employees will get suckered into revealing sensitive information like a password or banking information.
How to Avoid the Top 5 Pitfalls of Moving to the Cloud
Shifting from on-premises applications to hosted services is a great way to ease your company's IT burden, but it takes careful planning to avoid a stumble on the way to the cloud. Watch out for these common mistakes:
Security and Compliance Concerns? Office 365 Has You Covered
Over the last year or so, we've been encouraging our clients who want to use a cloud-based office productivity suite to choose Microsoft Office 365. We've already talked about its rich functionality, ease of use, availability, and cost-effectiveness. Now we’d like to talk about its security and compliance features.
Your Money or Your Files: Don't Get Trapped by Ransomware
Ransomware — malware that encrypts your data and won't let you access it until you pay a ransom — has grown into one of the biggest and fastest-spreading cyber security threats around, costing its victims an estimated $1 billion or more in 2016. And unlike targeted threats aimed at the deep pockets of giant corporations, ransomware is a crime of opportunity that's actually more likely to affect small and midsize businesses (SMBs). Here's what you need to know to protect yourself.
The iPhone 7: Upgrade or Wait?
Apple's tightly integrated ecosystem of hardware, software, and services has made the iPhone a winner since it was first introduced in 2007. But should you upgrade to the iPhone 7 that came out in September, or should you wait until next year? Xantrion's Manager of Client Services, Darren Nyberg has some thoughts.
Three Ways to Get More from Office 365
Last month, we started talking about getting more value out of Microsoft Office 365 in your business if you are already using it, by using Skype for Business. This month we want to talk about getting more value out of Microsoft Office 365 in your business if you are already using it, by using OneDrive for Business and Mobile Apps.
Getting Extra Value from Microsoft Office 365: Skype for Business
If you've already started using Microsoft Office 365 in your business, you've been enjoying all the familiar features of Office, made better with the extra functionality, availability, and security that the cloud enables. That alone is worth the cost of the subscription. If you want to get even more value out of it, Xantrion recommends additional applications, such as Skype for Business, that are included in the Office 365 bundle. They offer services the SMB needs at no additional cost, and their deep integration with the other parts of Office 365 make them more usable as well as easier to administer and secure.


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