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Seven Reasons to Outsource IT to a Managed Service Provider

Organizations are always looking for ways to effectively manage costs, improve productivity, and scale efficiently. One method proven to help achieve these goals is to outsource IT support to a managed service provider (MSP). Not only is outsourcing typically 30-40% cheaper than hiring in-house1, it can also help you close critical gaps in your IT and cybersecurity infrastructure.

Below are seven key benefits of outsourcing IT and cybersecurity to an MSP:

1. Cost reduction due to economies of scale in design and operation

Problems can be solved once and solutions can be  shared across a larger scope. The same goes for development of tools and procedures.

2. Access to a team of specialized experts

A small internal team simply doesn’t have the resources to tackle the day-to-day while also keeping an eye out for what’s next. An outsourced IT provider can augment your team with support and specialists in security management, data backups, SaaS products, systems monitoring, patching, antivirus solutions, mail filtering, and desktop operating systems — enabling your company to operate seamlessly.

3. Leverage in vendor relationships

Outsourcers aggregate purchasing across all their clients, creating leverage on price and access to unique support escalation paths due to their larger purchase volume. Working with an MSP can help you find cost efficiencies while accelerating time to resolution.

4. Improved security, availability and end user support

Since contracts are generally structured to provide unlimited support for a fixed monthly fee, the MSP becomes profitable when the clients have fewer issues. The business model incents the MSP to have a common, effective set of practices across all clients. The outcome is a secure and reliable operation, which benefits both the MSP and the clients.

5. 24 x 7 team

MSPs provide around the clock support so your employees get help whenever they need it, wherever they are. A managed service provider has the scale to provide a dedicated team of experts who are available to assist at any time. Without outsourced IT support, if there is an issue that isn’t addressed quickly, your operations can come to a halt. Downtime can be detrimental to your business, negatively impacting your day-to-day operations and your ability to meet long-term goals. An MSP can provide the support you need to ensure you never lose momentum.

6. Enhanced consistency of talent

If you don’t frequently recruit IT professionals, you may have problems finding qualified candidates. And, if you have a small internal team, losing any one person can mean significant disruption to your business. Outsourcing to an MSP can provide a consistent, cost effective, highly trained IT resource.

7. Costs that scale directly with growth

An MSP can provide the flexibility to scale with your company as it grows. Service level agreements (SLA) that are tailored to your company’s exact needs, allow you to only pay for the services you need, when you need them.

Considering outsourcing IT support or cybersecurity services?

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1Source: https://www.growthforce.com/blog/small-business-technology-trends-for-2022