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Online Backups: The Foundation for a Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery Plan

As long as you have a reliable, high-speed internet connection; select a reputable online backup service or managed service provider, that provides online backups for you. Online backups provide:



Instant offsite electronic data protection: Data is automatically moved offsite to a hardened storage facility (i.e. the facility has redundant internet connections, servers, and power and is constructed to withstand natural disasters as well as provide the best in physical and data security.)


Electronic data retrieval from anywhere: Data retrieval can be initiated using a web browser from anywhere in the world.


Guaranteed electronic data recovery: Most reputable online data backup services guarantee almost 100% data recoverability from your computer network.



Fast electronic data retrieval: Retrieving data typically takes about a day. The most time-consuming system restoration activities are sourcing and arrival of key equipment in a new facility as well as server set up. These activities take at least five days.



Cost effective electronic data recovery: Currently, online backups cost about the same as other data backup methods for small organizations. Under certain circumstances, the benefits of online backups outweigh the costs for larger organizations as well.

To take the next step in IT disaster recovery planning,you need to ensure you can restore critical systems such as your time keeping and billing application to full operation from data backups within in a specified time frame on a yearly basis.

To complete your IT disaster recovery plan, you also need to decide, document and practice how to manage key people, paper documents, facilities, equipment and third-party data and systems in the event of a disaster.

Unsure of how or where to start? Contact us. We specialize in helping midsized businesses create and implement comprehensive, customized Disaster Recovery plans.