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Drive More Sales and Gain Competitive Advantage with AI in Salesforce

By Chris Valiquet, Senior Salesforce Consultant, StarrData

In a recent blog post, we explored how we plan to begin implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to enhance our business practices at Xantrion and why we feel it’s important for our clients to start thinking about how to leverage AI-based technologies.

While many solution providers are beginning to tap into the possibilities of AI, Salesforce has been leveraging this technology since 2016. Our partner and Senior Salesforce Consultant, Chris Valiquet, highlights how Salesforce’s Einstein product can help streamline data collection and enable sales reps to close more deals.

More than 150,000 companies across the globe use Salesforce to help them keep up with their customer relationship management activities (CRM), including sales and marketing tasks. Sales representatives can use the tools within the Salesforce Sales Cloud platform to communicate with current customers, support lead generation efforts, and gain data-driven insights into the needs of prospective clients. However, collecting and managing the required data to support sales decisions is tedious and time-consuming. Artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and AI-powered chatbot applications like ChatGPT, can streamline data collection and amplify the abilities of sales reps to help them close more deals.

Salesforce Einstein, an Artificial-Intelligence powered service that can be integrated with Salesforce Sales Cloud, uses AI to analyze customer data to find unique patterns with the goal of arming salespeople with insights that enhance decision-making. For example, Einstein automatically scores potential leads and sales opportunities. By understanding which leads or opportunities are most likely to lead to a sale, sales reps can better focus their efforts in support of successful conversions. Einstein provides automated recommendations for sales representatives about when and where to communicate with current and potential clients. It also provides them with account insights by automatically scanning the news to find information that may affect sales. For example, news about a change in company leadership, a desire to expand (or cut costs), or a forthcoming merger or acquisition allow salespeople to tailor their conversations to reflect current events.

In early March, Salesforce announced that it would be adding ChatGPT to Slack, one of its communication platforms – and it’s expected this AI-powered chatbot tool will be added to other Salesforce solutions in the future. The addition of ChatGPT and other AI technologies will further enhance Salesforce’s features and capabilities. By automatically collecting vital data, prioritizing leads, and speeding up tiresome tasks, these AI-driven technologies have the power to help drive more sales and provide competitive advantage.

To learn more about the AI capabilities of Salesforce, contact Chris Valiquet at cvaliquet@starrdata.com.