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5 Ways We Plan to Use AI

It seems like you can’t browse the Internet these days without seeing one of the latest artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chatbot technologies mentioned in the news. Headlines about ChatGPT, Bing AI Chat, and Google Bard abound, and each predicts that their new technologies are poised to disrupt the business world.

While these technologies are rapidly evolving, according to Bill Gates, they have the power to change the way most organizations conduct their business—in the same way PCs, the Internet and mobile phones once did. That’s why we believe it’s important to begin thinking about how to leverage services like ChatGPT today in our IT Managed Services and Cybersecurity Services business.

The following are a few ways we see ChatGPT changing our business practices at Xantrion: 

Automating repetitive help desk tasks and improving troubleshooting efficiency

ChatGPT will allow our help desk to speed up re-writing summary lines for new tickets in ways that better reflect the work that needs to be done. It could also potentially provide initial troubleshooting steps for staff, which would minimize false starts and allow our team to resolve IT issues faster.  

Improving code writing efficiency

As we automate repetitive and/or error prone systems engineering tasks, our coders can use tools like ChatGPT to generate a first pass at the required code. Our coders are then free to focus on the tasks that only humans can tackle, such as refining that initial code to ensure appropriateness and accuracy. By leveraging AI-based technologies, we will allow our coders to automate more tasks, more quickly.

Improving the overall efficiency of virtual Chief Information Officers (vCIOs)

ChatGPT can help vCIOs improve the quality and tone of communications – while simultaneously allowing them to create communications more quickly. It can easily summarize meetings, and extract action items from the resulting meeting notes. It can summarize technical white papers or long email threads to help get vCIOs up to speed faster. It can help them build on existing documents and presentations more quickly. Finally, ChatGPT can reduce the back and forth involved in scheduling meetings by automatically finding open times across a teams’ various schedules and booking as needed. This increased efficiency will allow vCIOs to spend more time with clients working on strategic initiatives.

Improving productivity

As noted in this video, Microsoft’s AI Future of Work Event: Everything Revealed in 8 Minutes – YouTube, advanced AI will soon be embedded in many of the software tools you already use every day. Microsoft 365 Copilot promises to “up level” our skills so we can better leverage programs like Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Excel. It will help us triage our emails, gain more valuable insights from our spreadsheets, and create more compelling presentations. Taken together, it will make us more creative and productive. 

Microsoft is not the only solutions provider who is embedding AI-based technologies in their software solutions. Since using AI to improve software is an expansive topic, we will also provide an article about how AI is helping to enhance Salesforce solutions in the near future. 

More advanced cyber threats and cybersecurity

Just as ChatGPT can help Xantrion become more efficient at writing code, it can offer the same capabilities to cyber criminals. Bad actors can use AI-based technologies to more rapidly evolve and automate cyberattacks, as well as identify new attack vectors. It can also help cyber criminals develop more authentic-looking phishing emails. That said, AI-based technologies can also bolster cybersecurity efforts. Companies like Xantrion use AI-based technology to enhance their capabilities, in a variety of areas such as vulnerability scanning and attack surface analysis. 

Once again, this is a vital topic that deserves more attention. A forthcoming article will discuss it in more detail. 

Hopefully, these examples spur your own thinking around how your organization might use AI-powered technologies to augment or enhance common tasks within your company. 

Bottom line: ChatGPT and other AI-based technologies have the power to significantly change the way we do business. By automating repetitive tasks and enhancing current capabilities, these disruptors have the power to increase job satisfaction, improve service, and amplify our ability to do more with the same resources. We’re thinking about how to leverage these technologies today because we think they will provide us with a competitive advantage tomorrow.