Red Hat Cloud Ecosystem Gains Global Momentum

Xantrion Inc. Achieves Red Hat Cloud Partner Certification

Red Hat, Inc., the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, today announced momentum for its Red Hat Cloud ecosystem with the global expansion and growth of its Red Hat Certified Cloud Provider Program. Since 2011, the program has expanded by more than double to include certified partners across North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America.


The Red Hat Certified Cloud Provider Program assembles the solutions a cloud provider needs to plan, build, manage and offer hosted cloud solutions and Red Hat technologies to customers. A Red Hat Certified Cloud Provider offers a trusted destination for Red Hat end-users, independent software vendors (ISVs) and partners to benefit from Red Hat offerings in public clouds under innovative consumption and service models delivered by the cloud providers. Each provider meets testing and certification requirements to demonstrate that they can deliver a safe, scalable, supported and consistent environment for enterprise cloud deployments.


Red Hat Certified Cloud Providers offer Red Hat products on their clouds, as well as use Red Hat technologies to build and manage secure clouds. With resources from these, and other, Red Hat Certified Clouds, enterprises are able to do real work in the cloud today. Users and partners of Red Hat solutions via Certified Cloud Providers cross multiple industries, including manufacturing, financial services, consumer services, healthcare, media and entertainment and public sector organizations.


In addition to growth and new ecosystem partners, Red Hat today also announces the expansion of its Red Hat Cloud Access offering to include JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and JBoss Enterprise Web Server. Cloud Access is an added benefit for Red Hat subscribers that enables them to utilize certain subscriptions on selected Red Hat Premier Certified Cloud Provider clouds. With Cloud Access, customers have the ability to receive support directly from Red Hat and use Red Hat technology on certified public clouds, allowing them to maintain a consistent level of service and support across certified deployment infrastructures with consistent and predictable pricing.


Red Hat’s existing offering of Cloud Access gives users portability for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Enterprise MRG Grid subscriptions. Cloud Access also enables open hybrid clouds by allowing Red Hat customers to use their subscriptions where they need them: either on-premise or on a public cloud. 


Supporting Quotes:

Anne Bisagno, president, Xantrion, Inc., “Xantrion and Red Hat have developed their partnership through the Red Hat Certified Cloud Provider Program. We’ve built Secure Cloud systems using Red Hat solutions, including Resilient Storage and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Load Balancers, which allow us to provide the highest level of reliability for our clients who require Red Hat Enterprise Linux and JBoss solutions for their business. Our Secure Cloud solutions have benefited from Red Hat’s stable and robust technology. As a Red Hat Certified Cloud Provider, we offer Red Hat solutions, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux and JBoss Enterprise Middleware, via our Secure Cloud. With Red Hat solutions we are able to provide our customers a robust cloud-based infrastructure.”


Paul Cormier, president, Products and Technologies, Red Hat “As more enterprises around the world adopt cloud infrastructures, Red Hat sees added demand for ease of entrance into the cloud. Through our Red Hat Cloud ecosystem, we are helping our partners to build clouds on Red Hat’s high-performance, open source technologies, while simultaneously offering solutions like Red Hat Enterprise Linux and JBoss Enterprise Middleware for sale via these same public clouds. As our cloud ecosystem continues to expand around the globe, we are enabling more and more enterprises to take advantage of the flexibility, choice and scalability offered by the cloud which truly enables the open hybrid cloud.”


John Keese, president, Autonomic Resources, Inc. “Autonomic Resources — one of the four approved government-wide Cloud Service Providers — entered the Red Hat CCP program earlier in 2012 to assure U.S. Government agency choice in open and secure cloud operating systems and application stacks. Our relationship has grown significantly over the years in the government space, and we see the CCP program really as the future for the delivery of Red Hat technologies moving forward. We have several initiatives with Red Hat at the time involving FedRAMP of Red Hat solutions. Our extensive partner network assures agency awareness of our cloud offerings. Red Hat is key to those offerings and offers open and cost-effective cloud choices amongst our proprietary-based competitors.”


Jean Crescenzi, chief technical officer, Colosseum Online Inc. “As a leading colocation and hosting provider, Colosseum Online Inc. built its high-performance, highly scalable and manageable public, private and hybrid cloud offerings using Red Hat’s Enterprise Virtualization solution. We have seen tremendous growth since our cloud services went online. Red Hat’s commitment to quality and support has been very instrumental to our growth and that is why we have further extended our partnership to include Red Hat’s Certified Cloud Provider Program. When customers move to Colosseum’s Red Hat Certified Cloud and use Red Hat Enterprise Linux virtual machines, they quickly realize the unsurpassed advantages of running Red Hat Enterprise Linux guests on Red Hat’s Enterprise virtualization platform. Red Hat on Red Hat never ceases to impress, and that is the Colosseum advantage.”


Teppo Kuisma, vice president, Online Solutions, Ixonos “With the help of Red Hat technology, Ixonos Elastic Cloud enables ISVs to transform their business to the cloud. We have created a unique cloud solution that helps transfer the business online and deliver Software-as a-Service (SaaS). As a Red Hat Certified Public Cloud Provider, Ixonos can offer robust and scalable Red Hat technologies to our customers. Instead of concentrating on creating cloud management software, they can focus on delivering new business value and features for their customers.”


Chris Smith, vice president, Service Strategy & Design, Systems & Technology, KVH Co., Ltd. “KVH has built a carrier-grade cloud services platform including Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and has benefited from its stable and robust technology. As a Red Hat Certified Cloud Provider, we also offer Red Hat solutions including Red Hat Enterprise Linux via our cloud platform. With Red Hat solutions in the cloud, our enterprise customers have gained portability and flexibility for their IT infrastructures.”


Hiroshi Kurahara, general manager of Cloud Business Division, NIFTY Corporation “NIFTY Corporation welcomes the enhanced partnership with Red Hat through the Red Hat Certified Cloud Provider Program. As a leading cloud computing service provider in Japan, NIFTY has been deeply engaged in promoting the deployment of cloud computing for enterprise systems that require high robustness and availability. Providing Red Hat Enterprise Linux with careful support based on continuous collaboration with Red Hat, NIFTY fulfills flexible and reliable cloud infrastructure that allows enterprises to easily manage IT resources.”


Eduard Modalek, head, Product Portfolio Management, Swisscom IT Services AG “Swisscom IT Services and Red Hat have collaborated closely on technology advancements for many years, and have extended this partnership into the cloud through the Red Hat Certified Cloud Provider Program. We built our public cloud using Red Hat solutions, and have also seen great demand from our end users for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and JBoss for purchase from our Dynamic Computing Services.” 


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