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What’s a SOC, and do I need one?

SOC is short for “security operations center.” If you have a team responsible for monitoring and analyzing your information security, that’s where it works—ideally 24/7/365—to detect, analyze, and respond to cybersecurity incidents.

An SOC team generally uses a combination of technology solutions known as the SOC platform. This platform usually includes both a security information and event management system (SIEM) and a strong set of processes that are often automated for greater effectiveness and efficiency. In fact, a survey by Alien Vault found that 76% of organizations credit their use of SIEM tools for reducing security breaches, and 46% say their SOC platform detects at least half of all security incidents.

For a small or midsize business that lacks the skilled staff to operate its own SOC, hiring a managed service provider like Xantrion to provide SOC services is the best way to spot and address security issues as quickly as possible. Learn more about our Managed Security service or contact us for more information.