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What You Need to Know Now About the CPRA

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TheCalifornia Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), which passed in November 2020, is a comprehensive privacy law that provides significant protections to people who live in California. If your company has more than $25 million in annual revenues and handles the data of California residents, the CPRA will apply to you, regardless of where you’re located. That makes it critical to start getting legal advice and planning your compliance strategy now.  

When the CPRA goes into effect on January 1, 2023, it will replace the state’s already significant protections under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). If you’re already complying with the existing regulations, you’ve already got a head start on adapting to the new ones – but the CPRA also substantially expands them. We like this article’s clear overview of what the CPRA includes and why it matters, not just in California but across the US and, indeed, the whole world. 

Xantrion can help you identify and set up appropriate systems and processes for interacting with consumers and handling their data in accordance with the law. We can also help you train your employees in good data handling practices so they can help you avoid penalties and maintain the trust of your customers. Contact us today and prepare yourself for more states to follow California’s lead in meeting consumer demand for greater control over their personal data!