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Doing Due Diligence for Cybersecurity

Whether you’re protecting your own data or your customers’, it’s more important than ever to evaluate the cybersecurity measures taken by your service providers and vendors. Here are several things to consider:

  • Hyperscale providers like Google or Amazon aren’t likely to let you look around their data centers. Choose a smaller provider that will give you hands-on assurances.
  • Evaluate your provider against a well-known security standard like the SSAE16 auditing standard or the NIST cybersecurity standard as well as any standards specific to your industry or business, like the PCI-DSS for handling credit card payments.
  • Ensure ongoing compliance by reviewing your provider against your chosen security standard on a regular basis.
  • If you’re in the legal or financial industry, expect your own clients to make due diligence requests that measure your compliance with their industry standards.

Xantrion’s security services comply with the most stringent cybersecurity and industry standards, and we’re constantly updating them to keep it that way. Contact us for help maintaining your compliance with all relevant requirements.