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Tips for Updating your Corporate Pandemic Response Plan

The COVID-19 outbreak presents a significant threat to employee health and business operations. As the virus spreads, the World Health Organization has said companies should prepare for a widespread pandemic. Now is the time to review and update your corporate pandemic response plan. 

First, see if your existing business continuity (BC) plan has been updated to reflect business changes, such as new products and services, as well as mergers or acquisitions. Assuming you review and update your BC plan at least annually, changes may have an impact on your corporate pandemic response plan. Identify the BC plan changes, and then, examine how they may alter your pandemic plan. 

Next, check with human resources (HR) to see if any changes have been made to employee health benefits, such as a change of health insurance provider, and if those changes have an impact on the corporate pandemic response plan. 

Check with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for new information on preparing and updating pandemic plans. The CDC provides extensive information on all aspects of pandemic planning. 

Check with the Federal Emergency Management Agency for new information on pandemic planning. In addition, Ready.gov provides handy tools to help you build plans and be prepared in advance of a pandemic. 

The emergence of COVID-19 is a timely reminder that now is the perfect time to review and update your pandemic plan.