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The Xantrion Client Experience: Insights from our Annual Survey

As a leading cybersecurity and managed IT services provider, Xantrion continuously strives to deliver premier IT solutions to our clients. The cornerstone of our ability to enhance services and how we support clients is our annual client survey.

The primary objective of the survey is to obtain insight into what clients value and identify opportunities for improvement. We rely on these survey results to ensure Xantrion remains the go-to IT partner for businesses seeking exceptional IT support and cutting-edge technology solutions.

Positive Feedback and Appreciation

The survey revealed a wealth of positive feedback from clients, highlighting the aspects they value most in their partnership with Xantrion. Clients expressed satisfaction with the significant improvement in support over the past year, acknowledging the professionalism and personable nature of the Xantrion team. Our communication process and ability to resolve issues efficiently were also commended because these aspects of the partnership make clients’ daily operations more manageable.

The vCIO team garnered particular praise for their guidance, understanding of business needs, and the strategic direction they provide. Clients appreciate Xantrion’s expertise in infrastructure/cloud management and cybersecurity, acknowledging our role in enhancing their security and enabling them to leverage cloud technologies effectively, especially during the pandemic.

 “Our vCIO is absolutely remarkable and one of the reasons I’m truly happy with Xantrion. He is always someone who can help me.”

– Regional Director, Accounting Firm

Client Loyalty and Strong Partnership

Loyalty was a recurring theme among respondents, with many stating that they have been satisfied clients for over a decade. The consistency of service and the availability of a reliable IT team were among the main reasons for their continued partnership. Xantrion’s ability to adapt swiftly during the pandemic and support remote work effectively left a lasting impression on clients, solidifying our reputation as a responsive and proactive IT partner.

“Xantrion provides significant value given the uptime we’ve had relative to what we’re paying for our IT solution. We bill by the hour, so uptime is incredibly important.”

– COO, Law Firm

Areas for Improvement

Since the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, we will work with a handful of clients to develop improvements for their unique operations, systems or situation. The biggest refinements we will make to supporting clients are educating them about new services on the horizon and the earlier the better.

Xantrion’s survey results provided invaluable insight into our clients’ perspectives, highlighting areas of excellence and opportunities for growth. By actively addressing client feedback and continually improving our services, Xantrion remains dedicated to being a trusted IT partner for businesses seeking reliability, security, and innovation in their technological journey.