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Protect Your Network: Give Employees Secure Online File Sharing

As the workforce becomes more mobile, your employees need to be able to do their jobs as easily on the go as they do at a desk. In fact, they expect nothing less. How do you make sure they’re using cloud technology that improves their efficiency, productivity, and collaboration without sacrificing cybersecurity?

Many companies don’t. Either deliberately or through lack of attention, they allow employees to choose their own online file sharing and collaboration solutions. Whether one person or an entire department uses these cloud services, often there is no oversight and control. These solutions are known as “shadow IT” because they operate without the company’s official awareness or approval. They can be dangerous, because while they might help your employees get things done, use of unauthorized applications on the company network and storage of sensitive data in insecure cloud environments can pose significant cybersecurity risks.

Two places where employees may be using “shadow IT” are online file sharing and collaboration tools. After reviewing the available options, Xantrion is recommending cloud services that combine the features your employees expect with the cybersecurity your organization requires.

Some of these products can also store a copy of your cloud-based data on local servers and update it automatically, for fast access and redundancy. If your Internet connection slows or fails, users can continue working with the local data until your connectivity is restored. Further, the fact that your files still reside on your own servers means that they can be backed up in accordance with your own internal data protection and retention policies.

If you’re considering online file sharing or collaboration products for your environment, the earlier in the process you start working with Xantrion the better we’ll be able to help you determine operational and cybersecurity requirements which will help identify the best solution for your unique needs.