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On Demand Microsoft Training is Here!

We are excited to announce a new online training service for Microsoft applications, called Clip Training. Please talk to your vCIO about whether this free service might benefit you. If so, we look forward to adding you to the training rollout queue. 

Key service features include: 

1. It’s easy to use.

  • Just visit http://training.xantrion.com/ 
  • Click the orange “Login using Office 365” button that appears at the bottom-right of your screen 
  •  If you are using an organization device, you should get logged in automatically. Otherwise, you can log in using your @XYZclient.com email login and password. 
  • Click into the kind of training that seems relevant to you  

2. It’s available when and where you want it.

The days of waiting for and driving to a class on a particular application or topic are gone. With Clip Training, you can access training from the comfort of your desk anytime, and you can consume training in two different ways. 

You can watch all the training videos in a pre-set learning path, if you are new to an app or want a more lecture-style approach. Most learning paths take about 45 minutes. 

You can also consume training videos, one at a time. Many people wait until they discover they need to use a feature in an application they don’t know how to use. Then, they look for the relevant videowatch it and move on with their work. 

3. It fits into your schedule.

The 2 – 4 min duration of most training videos makes it easy to fit training into your schedule. 

4. It allows you to quickly come up to speed on new applications and features.

Tip sheets explain how to perform common tasks in your favorite Microsoft applicationsThey not only get you up and running quickly, you can also refer to them for task refreshers later. 

New videos that highlight the latest features of Microsoft applications are added to your training portal regularly. 

5. Short quizzes ensure you understand a training video.

You can take a short quiz at the end of every video to ensure you understand the key concepts and steps illustrated in the video. 

6. It covers dozens of applications and can be customized for your organization.

There are dozens of kinds of training available, including Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint Online. 

You can also get training for commonly used applications, such as Adobe. 

Finally, if you nominate a training administrator within your company, they can create customized training paths for your organization or individuals within your organization. 

 7. It provides visibility into usage.

Your vCIO or training administrator has access to reports that let them know how often the training service is being used and by whom. They can even see if a particular person has completed training or not. 

8. It doesn’t mean you can’t call the service desk for support.

ClipTraining is designed to supplement service desk support in a variety of ways. It is primarily designed to provide a faster, more detailed response. It’s also designed for you to revisit the information later. However, ithe training videos aren’t enough, or you’d rather wait to speak to someone in person, you absolutely can.   

Click here to see how easy it is to get started with Clip Training.