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Make Calls With Microsoft Teams

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Start 1 on 1 or group calls with anyone in your organization — no matter where you are in Microsoft Teams. Watch this short video to learn how to start making calls using Teams.

Start calls
  • Select Audio call or Video call to start a call from a chat.
  • In the command box, type “/call” and choose the person you’d like to reach.
  • Hover over someone’s profile photo anywhere in Teams, and select Audio call from their contact card.


Dial an outside number

Note: If your organization has an Enterprise Voice or Business Voice license, you can call anyone from Teams even if they’re not using it.

  1. Select Calls.
  2. Select Dial a number to call any number — even if they’re not using Teams.


View history and listen to voicemails
  • Select History to view missed calls.
  • Select Voicemail to listen to a voicemail, and then select More actions > Call back to return someone’s call.

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