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iPads in the Office

Back in December, we blogged about Apple’s growing popularity in the business world. Since then, we’ve received quite a few inquiries about iPads in the workplace.

Our service manager has been handling these IT support calls. These are the three questions he gets most often — and the answers he’s most likely to give:


Email on an iPad? Absolutely. It’s as easy to set up as a smartphone, and its large screen, always-on Internet connection, and affordability make it an ideal tool for mobile employees who need fast access to email and attachments.
Secure connectivity on an iPad? No problem. The capability is built into Apple’s iOS.



Using your iPad as a primary computer? We generally recommend this only for health care, retail, and other special situations where employees need a lightweight way to keep information at their fingertips. The iPad’s touchscreen keyboard isn’t built for speed, so it’s not the best tool for tasks that require a lot of typing. Frequent flyers should also stick with laptops so they can work offline in transit, since in-flight Internet is typically slow (when it’s available at all).

We love the iPad’s portability, and we love helping our customers take advantage of it — so if you want iPads in your office, let us help you make it happen.