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How to Secure Zoom Video Conferences

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With all the security and privacy issues swirling around Zoom video calls, we wanted to let you know that Zoom has made a lot of changes to address these issues.  In addition, for those discussing more sensitive information, we’ve pulled together the following tips to help make your Zoom calls more secure. Finally, if you are regulated or regularly discussing confidential information, you might consider switching to Teams for compliance and privacy reasons.

Scheduling secure Zoom meetings 

Use the following settings when scheduling Zoom meetings, and don’t forget to have participants use the latest Zoom client. Many of these settings can also be configured at the account level to make them the default for all future meetings. 

Settings  Setting Details 
Avoid using your Personal Meeting ID (PMI)  Your PMI is a permanent meeting room reserved for you. If someone has your PMI, they can join all future meetings in your Personal Meeting Room. This is similar to a hotel lobby; you don’t want to have private conversations in your Personal Meeting Room.  Use a Random Meeting ID instead. 
Protect your Outlook Calendar  If your Outlook calendar details are shared with colleagues, they may be able to see your meeting password. Consider restricting access to your calendar details or edit the meeting details to remove the Zoom password. 
Require a meeting password  Protecting your meeting with a password is an important step to ensure only authorized participants can join the meeting.  
Disable Join Before Host  Prevent other participants from starting the meeting until the host has arrived. You can set an alternate host as your backup in case you are late or unable to attend.
Use the waiting room  Using the Waiting Room will give you the ability to admit participants on an individual basis. 

Video on using the Waiting Room feature 

Allow only authenticated users to join  If this is an internal company meeting, you can restrict access to authenticated users.
Take control during your meetings 

Use the following tools to manage meetings: 

Tools  Tool Details 
Remove a participant from a Zoom Meeting or Webinar  If a participant becomes disruptive, you have the ability to remove them from the meeting. 

  1. Click Participants at the bottom of the Zoom window 
  2. Select More and Remove for the participant you want to eject from the meeting 
Lock your session  If you are sure all required participants have joined, you can prevent others from joining the meeting by locking the session. 

  1. Click Participants at the bottom of the Zoom window 
  2. At the bottom of the Participants panel click More 
  3. Click Lock Meeting 
Disable Screen Annotation  Prevent participants from annotating on the screen during the meeting. 

  1. Click More in the screen share controls 
  2. Click Disable participants annotation 
Limit Screen Sharing to the Host  Prevent other participants from sharing content during the meeting. 

  1. Click the arrow next to Screen Share and click Advanced 
  2. Under Who can share? Choose Only Host 

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