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How the Latest, Greatest Smartphones Stack Up

If you’re tempted by the newest high-end smartphones, here’s what CRN’s reviewer has to say about them:

In trying to compare Samsung’s top-of-the-line offering to Apple’s, the reviewer notes that the Galaxy Note8, which starts at $930, is only slightly less expensive than the iPhone X, which will start at $999.

The Galaxy Note8 is an Android phone that packs 6GB of RAM, a long-lived battery, an expandable 64GB of storage, and work-friendly features like a built-in digital pen and docking station compatibility into a 6.3″ package that unlocks with facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, or iris scanning. It’s already on the market.

The iPhone X, by comparison, also starts at 64GB of storage, but is slightly smaller at 5.8″, and will reportedly have less RAM and battery life. It replaces the home button with a swipe gesture, eliminates fingerprint recognition in favor of facial recognition, and includes enhanced augmented reality hardware. That said, there’s no way to do a true head-to-head comparison yet, as the iPhone X isn’t available for pre-order until October 27 and won’t start shipping until November.

If you love the Apple ecosystem but you can’t wait to upgrade, CRN’s reviewer suggests you split the difference and go with the iPhone 8. It offers the familiarity and reliability of the home button and fingerprint recognition, solid performance and battery life, plus the convenience of wireless charging — starting at a more budget-friendly price tag of $699 for the smaller (4.7″) iPhone 8 or $799 for the larger (5.5″) iPhone 8 Plus. And you can take one home today.

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