Getting Extra Value from Microsoft Office 365: OneDrive and Mobile Apps

Recently, we started talking about getting more value out of Microsoft Office 365 in your business if you are already using it, by using Skype for Business. This month we want to talk about getting more value out of Microsoft Office 365 in your business if you are already using it, by using OneDrive for Business and Mobile Apps.

OneDrive for Business

What OneDrive for Business is designed for — and what it does very well — is to provide individual employees with cloud storage where they can place files for mobile access, or where they can place a very large file for a third party to download. In this, it may seem like any other cloud-based storage service. But unlike those other services, OneDrive for Business leverages the security and authentication services of Microsoft Office 365 to give your business greater control over use and access.

At the present time, OneDrive for Business is not a replacement for a traditional mapped drive located on a Windows server used for sharing files between everyone at the company.

OneNote for Business

OneDrive for Business also enables OneNote, a note taking application that lets users capture ideas, links, and images, then syncs them across the desktop and mobile devices for easy retrieval whenever and wherever they’re needed. By storing its files on OneDrive for Business, OneNote allows your employees to share notes with each other as well.

Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

Your Office 365 subscription includes mobile versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook which provide almost as much functionality as the desktop versions do. We’re particularly impressed by the new mobile version of Outlook.

More than any individual application, what makes these mobile versions of Microsoft Office worthwhile is their tight integration with Microsoft Office 365 that makes working remotely even easier and more convenient. You can create a file, work on it, store it in OneDrive, and attach it to an email, all from a phone or tablet — and because Microsoft is focusing on mobility these days, we expect to see the mobile apps become even more powerful over time.

When we feel other applications that are included in the Microsoft Office 365 bundle add value to a small or medium sized business, we will let you know and we will attempt to help you steer clear of issues that might crop up.