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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Xantrion

The following are practices we’ve implemented to support our DEI strategy and goals. Our guidelines and practices are constantly evolving as we learn and grow.


Our recruiters receive implicit bias training and are required to present at least 4 diverse candidates in every candidate group provided to hiring managers. We build a diverse candidate pipeline by participating in groups and job boards for diverse candidates as well as performing concentrated diversity outreach. Finally, we train recruiters to ensure all candidates feel their application is welcome.


All candidates interviewing for a position are guaranteed to be interviewed and evaluated by a diverse panel, therefore minimizing the risk of unintentional bias. In addition, candidates are hired solely based on their ability to meet the requirements of the position.


  • Profit sharing –  Yearly margin improvements that exceed our target goal are distributed to employees as raises and bonuses.
  • Annual, anonymous employee satisfaction survey –  Plans and progress towards addressing improvement opportunities are shared at firm meetings.
  • Advancement opportunities are publicly announced and awarded based on fitness for the job.
  • Professional development – Employees are provided with an annual training budget and 5 paid training days.
  • Performance management – We follow a formal process where employees receive regular feedback, and performance plans provide a clear path to success.

Other ways we live our values around equity and social justice are:

  • Servant leadership is the philosophy our managers aspire to
  • Managers highlight the importance of DEI in firm meetings and track progress towards our DEI goals
  • Employees receive annual DEI and harassment training
  • We cover 100% of medical, dental and vision benefits for all employees and their dependents
  • We are flexible about work location and hours to help employees manage work/life balance
  • We provide a 10% discount on rates for non-profit clients