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Which Tablet Will Make the Perfect Gift?

With the holidays just around the corner and a new tablet at the top of many wish lists, the following is some information that will help you figure out which tablet will make the perfect gift.

iPad Pro 9.7

If you want one of the best tablets in the market and cost ($599) isn’t a concern, the iPad Pro 9.7 is for you. The new 9.7 inch tablet is a more compact, faster and cleaner version of last year’s 12.9 inch iPad Pro. It also has the same 10 hour battery life and is compatible with the same accessories as its bigger sibling.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

If you are looking for a tablet that’s well equipped for day-to-day use and a good deal ($249 8-inch and $499 9.7-inch), the S2 is for you. It also has a bright and colorful display along with a 12 hour battery life.

Amazon Fire HD 8

The Amazon Fire is a tablet at a great price ($89.99 16 GB and $119 32 GB). While the display isn’t as sharp as the screen on an iPad, it has a battery that lasts up to 12 hours.

Surface Pro 4

If you are looking for a tablet that can replace your laptop, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is for you. While it is a tad pricey ($899), it has an Intel Skylake processor, Windows 10, a 12.3-inch display, full-size USB ports and a battery that can last up to 9 hours. It only weighs 1.69 pounds.

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