Warning: Your Employees Have Your Sensitive Data in Their Cloud

Our last blog post alerted you to the dangers of combining employees who take technology for granted with a weak (or non-existent) BYOD policy. However, that’s not the only risk a tech-savvy workforce can pose to your data. A survey by cybersecurity vendor CipherCloud found that a jaw dropping 86 percent of cloud applications being used in the enterprise, from filesharing, storage, and email to highly risky social media and publishing, were unsanctioned by IT.

If your employees are tempted by this “shadow cloud,” give them credit for good intentions. Cloud services have become so ubiquitous and easyto use that they’re a convenient way to boost productivity and efficiency. Unfortunately, they also put company data into the public cloud, where yourIT team can’t monitor or control it.

What to do? Half the answer is to give your employees the tools they need instead of leaving them to develop their own workarounds. The other half is to reinforce your control over where your data goes and how employees access it. For expert advice on both, including alternatives to the public cloud and BYOD strategy, give us a call.