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‘Tis the Season… To Make Your IT Budget

It’s Q4, and you know what that means: budgeting season is upon us. If you’re stuck staring at a blank spreadsheet, consider these ten IT budgeting recommendations from tech journalist Jack Wallen:

  1. Extra licensing fees – Be ready for new hires as soon as you onboard them.
  2. Emergency hardware replacement – Even the best-maintained equipment fails sometimes.
  3. Mobile technology – It’s only becoming more important.
  4. Upgrades – Prevent security holes and ensure you have all the functionality you need.
  5. IT staffing/support – When your business grows, your infrastructure has to keep up.
  6. Cloud services – More and more key services are migrating to the cloud.
  7. Software – Make sure you have what you need to boost productivity and security.
  8. Training – It can be the difference between having a security breach or preventing one.
  9. Data pipe – Any business that relies on Internet connectivity needs to ensure it has enough bandwidth — and a secondary connection if the first one fails.
  10. Backup solution – If disaster strikes, you need to be able to recover your applications and data somehow.