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Three Tips for Better Cybersecurity

The things you tell your employees to do for IT cybersecurity can make it harder for them to get things done. That’s why employees so often ignore even the best corporate cybersecurity policies. So how do you make them pay attention and help protect the company? One cybersecurity pro offers these three steps:

  1. Relax cybersecurity rules. The more overbearing your rules are, the more your employees will be motivated to find ways around them. Decide which policies are ironclad, then ease up on the rest.
  2. Engage users with meaningful training. Gamification and other strategies for learning good cybersecurity practices will stick with your employees longer than a stern email.
  3. Explain why. Users who ignore a cybersecurity rule probably don’t understand why the rule matters. When you tell them they need a long password, show them how easy it is to hack a short one. When you explain how and why to perform backups, demonstrate what ransomware could do to their information if they don’t.The best cybersecurity policies are the ones your employees actually follow.

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