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The Recycle Bin is Not a Backup!

There’s nothing quite like the rush of relief when you find a copy of an accidentally deleted file in Office 365’s Recycle Bin. But don’t make the mistake of counting on it as a form of backup. It’s a common practice — a new survey shows nearly two-thirds of Office 365 admins do it — but that’s not what Recycle Bin is made for. For one thing, it doesn’t have the security safeguards necessary to protect data in Office 365 business services like OneDrive, Exchange, and Sharepoint. More critically, if a file in Recycle Bin gets deleted or ages past 30 days, it’s gone. Most likely forever.

Proper backups designed for data recovery are your best defense against downtime, ransomware, and other emergencies. Xantrion’s Managed Continuity™ is a better bet than hoping you can find what you tossed in the Recycle Bin. Contact us today to learn how to put it in place.