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Teach Your Employees Not to Fall for Phishing Bait

We use KnowBe4 for phishing awareness training because we approve of the company’s approach to teaching employees how to recognize suspicious email. (After all, you can’t get phished if no one in your company takes the bait.) So, we were excited to see some new information about how well security training works and who needs it most. KnowBe4 analyzed information across 15,000 companies and discovered that training reduces the average 27% of employees who are likely to be fooled by phishing attempts, also known as social engineering attacks, to 13% after 90 days and 2.17% after a year.

Check out the recorded webinar about KnowBe4’s research to find out more about which industries are most at risk, the simulations that fooled the most people, and more. It’s fascinating! Of course, you can also skip straight to contacting us about setting up a cybersecurity awareness training program for your own organization.