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Seven Steps to Building a Strong Cybersecurity Strategy

If it seems like we’re spending a lot of time talking about cybersecurity lately, you’re not imagining things. Between the need to secure systems so employees can work effectively from home and a massive uptick in cyberattacks, security is at the top of everyone’s agenda, including our own. This step-by-step checklist for building an effective cybersecurity strategy is written for CIOs, but we think it’s useful for all kinds of leaders at all kinds of companies. Here’s what it recommends: 

  1. Determine your risk of cyberattack by evaluating where and how your organization is vulnerable. 
  2. Create a 24/7 real-time view of threats to the internal network to enable security measures and simplify reporting. 
  3. Set up monitoring of cloud services and assets. 
  4. Provide mandatory security training to all employees. 
  5. Maintain compliance with up-to-date tools and policies and regular reporting. 
  6. Be ready and able at all times to deliver comprehensive reports on your cyberrisk and security budget. 
  7. Establish a security operations center to monitor and assess risk, log security events, and respond to incidents 24/7. 

For many small and midsize companies, cybersecurity is a priority but not a core competency. Contact us to learn how Xantrion’s managed service offerings can free you from the burden of cybersecurity and ensure that your entire team, from leadership on down, can work confidently and productively.