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Reminder: People are the Weakest Security Link

Companies spent more than $18 billion on cybersecurity in 2016 — but data breaches hit an all-time high anyway. What’s the problem? Simple: we’re not using employees as the critical line of defense they can be.

Security technologies are necessary, but they’re not enough. Most of the biggest breaches of the last few years happened because employees didn’t have a clear understanding of where data is, when they should access it, how it should be used, and how it’s being protected.

To strengthen your defenses, take these steps regularly:

  • Remind all employees why data protection is important
  • Teach them how their actions affect the company’s data security
  • Test their compliance with data protection procedures and provide extra training to those who need it

Employee awareness is an integral part of Xantrion’s integrated security programs. Contact us to learn more.