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Privacy By Design

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation went into effect on May 25, and with it the need for any company processing the data of EU residents to comply with rigorous data privacy requirements. If you’re still struggling to get into alignment with those requirements, your motto should be “better late than never.” Get started by reading up on these five basic steps for designing your privacy program:

  1. Build the foundation with a privacy vision and mission statement.
  2. Define the scope of your privacy program.
  3. Build a team, starting with a Data Privacy Officer or another privacy champion.
  4. Create a framework or road map for building privacy into every aspect of your products or services.
  5. Establish processes and metrics for accountability and benchmarking.

Even if you don’t think you handle data belonging to EU residents, improving data privacy is never a bad idea. For more details on building a privacy program, contact us.