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Preparing for Post-Pandemic IT Needs

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Now that vaccines are becoming available for COVID-19, there’s a light, however distant at the end of the tunnel. Smart business leaders are already starting to think about how to use technology better now to prepare themselves for the post-pandemic future. These five strategies will help you get a head start: 

  1. Leverage automation, AI, and cloud services to take more flexible approaches to work and make your organization more agile. The faster you can move now, the more adaptable you’ll be in a pandemic recovery that will be full of uncertainty 
  2. Leave room for innovation. The pandemic has created opportunities for new technologies to support remote work and learning, all of which also have potential to improve customer engagement, too.  
  3. Invest in cybersecurity. More digital tools to enable more remote work and track employee productivity have created exponentially more attack surfaces and more privacy risks. If you aren’t already finding and patching any security vulnerabilities that have emerged, there’s no time to waste. 
  4. Ensure access to trusted data. If your organization has created a single point of truth for collecting, cleaning, and sharing information about your response to the pandemic, you can keep using it later for data about other aspects of the business. 
  5. Keep the focus on employee well-beingDon’t mothball the technology tools that you’re using now to promote flexibility, build community, enable collaboration, and address the mental health toll of the current crisis once the pandemic has passed. Repurpose them to build a workplace that puts employee support at the heart of your strategies for retention and productivity.   

The workplace isn’t going to “return to normal” so much as evolve into a new normal. Contact Xantrion, we can help you make sure that yours is as ready as possible for whatever that might look like.