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Most Teleworkers Lack Training, Awareness to Avoid Hackers

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Nearly 75 percent of teleworkers and Work from Home (WFH) employees are without help from their employers on security awareness, guidance or training, according to a new report from Kaspersky. While this is a significant statistic on its own, it is even more important when combined with the 27 percent of teleworkers who’ve received phishing emails relating to the coronavirus and may not know how to avoid infection  

Accidental downloading of malicious content from attacks such as phishing emails is a root contributor to infected devices and compromised business data, Kaspersky said. In addition, untrained teleworkers may be using online services not approved by their IT departments, such as video conferencing, instant messengers or file storage services. Use of unapproved online services can increase teleworker exposure to hacking.  

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